Spring Clean Your Marketing

Spring is considered a time for new beginnings, a chance for re-organising and getting some sort of structure in place for your life and surroundings.

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Spring is in the air – and I have the allergies to prove it.

A time where nature awakens, flowers bloom in all their wondrous pollen filled glory, warmer days come – and go, this is Cape Town after all – and people feel the sudden urge to clean up all their clutter and get some sort of order in their lives. That’s right, it’s Spring Cleaning time!

Tis’ the season to clean out all the cobwebs and dust those hard-to-reach shelves that you’ve been avoiding all year. It’s the perfect time to address the tidal wave of clothes that slap you in the face every time you open up your cupboard, or maybe even spring clean your Facebook friends list. Whatever you do, Spring is considered a time for new beginnings, a chance for re-organising and getting some sort of structure in place for your life and surroundings.

That being said, while we do encourage you to get into the cleaning groove with your scrubbing brushes and rubber gloves, we would also like to motivate you to Spring Clean Your Marketing! Want to know how? Check out our tips below:

Declutter Your Workspace:

“But my desk is organised chaos” – said you, with a messy desk. 

If your desk resembles something from an episode of Hoarders, it’s time for a spring clean. Your work space can directly affect your level of productivity, negatively. Declutter, organise and create a neat and tidy workspace that inspires you, instead of overwhelming you.

Check Your Google Analytics:

Is your Google Analytics up to date with the latest settings? Over the course of the year we’ve seen some big changes when it comes to Google Analytics. For a few of the new features to be utilised you will need to ensure that certain settings have been activated. This includes Remarketing Enabled, Cross Device Tracking Enabled, Bot Filtering Enabled more granular Audience Lists Setup.

How’s Your Blog Looking?:

When is the last time you uploaded a blog post? If you utilise a blog for your website make sure that your last entry is not from 2016. It may seem like the company has gone dormant with no new posts. Remember that no matter what industry you’re in, changes are always happening and you need to show that you are at the forefront. A content calendar can help here, if you don’t feel you have time for a blog, rather consider deactivating it until you are ready again.

Spruce Up Your Social Media:

Are you utilising your Social Media channels? As with blog articles, you need to stay current with your Social Media. Your business, industry, target market or even the platform itself may have undergone changes since you first setup your channel. Maybe Facebook was very important 2 years ago, but now you are finding your clients on LinkedIn. Consider this in your strategy when you decide where to share info, and engage with your market.

Another change that social loves, is the layout of cover photos and profile pictures. Ensure that your platforms are up to date with the latest sizes and formats. For a quick guide –

How’s that Database?

Over time our database can become tired. Time for a clean-up, work through your CRM or Email Marketing Platform, update these platforms by removing users, adding users or updating contact information.

Google My Business:

GMB is one of the most underutilised platforms out there. It’s free, easy and it drives important leads on Google. There are two main issues we see with GMB. First one being the number of companies that don’t use it. If this is you get started now – 

The second most common issue we notice is incorrect information. Imagine a client finding your listing, calling your number and your number has changed! (definite thumbs down moment) Ensuring that your contact information is up to date, including hours and public holiday hours is extremely important and will only take a few minutes to sort out.

Is Your Website Secure?

Google is pushing more and more towards SECURE websites. This is https:// as opposed to http:// and you can take a look in your browser to see what your website says. Google also gives better ratings to secure websites. Make sure that your SSL certificate is in place.

And that’s a wrap folks. If you’re not so keen on the Spring Cleaning or don’t know where to look or how to start, we suggest you make use of our super informative Digital Gap Analysis service! It will definitely spring you forward in the right direction. Read more about it here –

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