Meet The Unicorns - Your Human Chat-GPT

We are the geeks that love excel and data. We are thrilled by the idea of finding trends, gaps and opportunities. We are the translators of these insights to help our clients grow their online revenue. We take a very human approach and strive to be seen as our clients Wise Counsel.

Metis Leadership Team

Chantelle Bowyer

Founder & CEO

Superpower: Superhuman listening skills especially being able to hear what the client is not saying, and asking the right questions that gets you thinking. CcB is also our ultimate match-maker when it comes to matching a client to a unicorn

Keri Raciti

Head of People

Superpower: Inhaling the likes of “Diary of a CEO”, nothing seems to rattle Keri. Calm & logical in every situation she is able to bring out the best in our Team. We also refer to as a Mama-Unicorn 😉

Dylan Mckinley

Head of Product Performance

Superpower: Not many superheroes are able to give laser focus as well as a holistic view. It was these qualities that earned Dylan his role as Head of Product.

Chandré White

Head of Service Excellence

Superpower: Spam Chandré with the info running around in your head or desktop and she will give you a structured process back. Chandré ensures that our rhythm remains consistent(ly great)

Our Unicorns

Nicole Currin


Superpower: Calm, level headed and detail focused approach to financial management.

Elsa Barnard

Paid Media

Superpower: Exceptionally organised & well-rounded, Elsa’s background as a digital-generalist turned Paid-Media specialist means she is able to work in well in a team environment.

Largo Brink

Paid Media

Superpower: Clients feel like they have peace-of-mind with Largo due to her amazing communication skills and quick delivery time. A perfect fit for clients whose campaigns need regular changes to align with a fast paced business

Candice Cummings

Paid Media

Superpower: A belief in being a part of her clients team and not just an external service provider, allows candice to be fully engaged and committed to executing on her clients marketing goals

Casey Gray

Paid Media

Superpower: Using her patience, organisational skills and caring nature, Casey helps “nervous” clients feel safe and confident in digital marketing.

Shane Jatho

Paid Media

Superpower: Knowledge is power, but without Action is useless. “Mr Actionable” is a bit of a cheesy Superhero name but it is exactly what you will get with Shane.

Georgia Moir

Paid Media

Superpower: Highly adaptable, resourceful & analytical, nothing seems to fluster Georgia’s calm demeanour. She is great at seeking out thoughtful and data-driven solutions

Loraine Steyn

Paid Media

Superpower: Right & Left brained, Loraine is able to tap into both her analytical brain and creative brain, a special power for clients that don’t have creative teams

Aubrey Turner

Paid Media

Superpower: From his origins in Paid Media to holding the position of CMO, Aubrey has incredible Leadership skills. He is able to understand what the client needs/wants even when the client finds it difficult to explain themselves.

Lidia van Wyk

Paid Media

Superpower: Always ahead of the curve and an exceptionally fast learner. Lidia is the ideal fit for companies that love to try new technologies and approaches.

David Wiese

Paid Media

Superpower: Specialising in levelling up large accounts. Whether this is from underperforming to performing, or even squeezing extra performance out of already performing accounts.

Gerda Heyman

Email Marketing & LinkedIn

Superpower: Your B2B marketer. Gerda has an incredible record of building trust and credibility in B2B markets.

Tasneem Randeree

Email Marketing

Superpower: Scaling eCommerce companies through email

Terri de Jesus

Tracking & Design

Superpower: With the complexity of tracking and privacy policies, Terri’s superpower is her tenacity and troubleshooting abilities to find the best solution to your tracking needs.

Toni-Lee Field

Social Media Management

Superpower: Growing TikTok pages through creating relevant and engaging content. Toni takes ownership of the channel and does not add extra work to a client’s already busy schedule.

Juan Karstel


Superpower: Juan possesses a keen eye that focuses on metrics that drive your business growth. He has an innate ability to communicate the data and translate it into a language you understand.

Nicole Bosch


Superpower: With a passion for Training & Data, Nicole takes the enigma that is SEO and turns it into a channel that drives value and you understand

Nathan Simons

Website Development

Superpower: The ability to align and develop a clear line of site in achieving online success for his clients, through their website design, development and support

Refer a Unicorn

What we have learnt is that great people know great people. If you feel that a family, friend, colleague, or your neighbour’s  --> nephew’s  --> dogsitter’s  --> bestie would be a great fit at Metis please intro us.

You can send an email to or forward them a link to our Unicorn website

Georgia Moir

Paid Media

Superpower: Highly adaptable, resourceful & analytical, nothing seems to fluster Georgia’s calm demeanour. She is great at seeking out thoughtful and data-driven solutions

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