We are not a profit-driven business, we are a sustainable purpose driven business that is passionate about people and empowering them with the tools they need to succeed.

We are a marketing agency but we are not the cool kids, we are the data-geeks that love Excel and digging through your data to understand where the gaps & opportunities lie.

We are a company but not in the traditional sense. We have created an eco-system for freelancers to plug their services into. They are all specialists in their respective fields and our mission at Metis is to empower them with the tools, training, coaching, mentorship and support they require to be the BEST at what they love.

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Our Purpose

Metis exists to support entrepreneurs to find freedom & happiness by living in their Sweetspot, the synergy between high energy and high value-add

For our Unicorns this is achieved by offering them the tools, training and support they require to make them the best versions of themselves.

For our Clients this is achieved by ensuring that the right team & products are matched to your brand. Our goal is to give you peace of mind as well as the valuable data, insights & tools to help you scale your business.

Metis is a community of entrepreneurs supporting entrepreneurs.

Our Vision
What do we want to achieve

To create a sustainable purpose-driven business. Inspiring companies to challenge their industry’s traditional approach to business & create a sustainable, purpose-driven ecosystem.

Our Mission
How we do what we do

Metis is here to provide a safe space for our freelancers to excel at their craft, growing to their full potential. In turn our clients get the crème de la crème in digital services.

We have created an eco-system of equal value to both our freelancers as well as our clients. We connect our stakeholders & provide access to resources in the form of community, expertise, processes, systems, people development & business growth.

We believe by putting people first, performance will follow.

Our Core Values
Our guiding light

At Metis core values is our guiding light to how we do what we do. It drives our decision making.

We encourage a SHOSHIN mindset. The thirst for learning & the willingness to teach. Together we grow.

  • Take Ownership
  • Shared Culture
  • Keep It Simple
  • Continuous Development
  • Work Life Integration

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