Sales + Marketing = Smarketing

What is Smarketing? Simply put, “Smarketing is the process of integrating the sales and marketing processes of a business.”

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What is Smarketing? 

Simply put, “Smarketing is the process of integrating the sales and marketing processes of a business.”  

In other words, your sales and marketing teams should work together in order to optimise your sales and marketing strategy and increase sales. Smarketing goals should be a cohesive effort between both departments and re-evaluated every month to identify opportunities for improvement.

What is the difference between Sales & Marketing? 

While sales & marketing both share a common goal – ultimately aimed at increasing revenue – many people fail to realise that each one has a different function.  

So what’s the difference then? 

  • Sales – Refers to all the activities that lead to the selling of goods and/or services.            

It’s up to the Sales Team to manage relationships with potential clients and to provide them with solutions that will eventually lead to closing the deal aka a SALE! 💰 

  • Marketing – The process of getting people interested in the goods and services being sold. 

The Marketing Team will be responsible for running any campaigns that attract people to the business and brand, whether it be a service or product offering. Something to help *spark* interest and *ignite* sales! 🔥 

So why it is important that they both align? 

We now know that marketing & sales are both very different but one cannot function efficiently without the other. 

They are made for each other, the same way bread & butter work together 🥪 or bacon & eggs  🥓🍳.  

Life is just better, especially for business, when these two departments are in alignment.  A smart strategy can take the same message and make it work better. 

People buy differently these days. They do their own research beforehand. They browse different sites of similar products, make comparisons etc. 

So having a proper marketing strategy in place that aligns with sales makes a big difference when it comes to closing the deal. 

For instance, SEO, blogs, PPC, newsletters etc. all form part of the marketing side, to attract potential customers, which changes the whole sales process. It makes it easier for your Salesperson to start a conversation with a prospect because they’ve already interacted with your brand. You can make the conversation a lot more personal and add more value to your prospect increasing your chances of a sale. 


Do you align your marketing and sales efforts? Share your thoughts or tips with us! 

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