Industry Tips & Insights: Retail

We promised that we’d share some Industry Tips & Insights into Retail, so here it is! 🙌

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We promised that we’d share some Industry Tips & Insights into Retail, so here it is! 🙌   CcB attended the Google Retail Summit 2019 last week, so we’ve got some frikking cool stats & tips just for you.  

We’ve conveniently marked all Tips with a  (tick – so check that you make use of this tip) and Stats with a ⭐️ (star – because it’s just star worthy) for easy reference. 

Here’s what you need to know: 

⭐️ In 2018 South Africans spent a total of R200 billion *insert Dr Evil meme* in salesYup, that’s a whopper, right? 

⭐ Compared to previous years, Black Friday sales grew by 100% and Cyber Monday grew by 118%. YOU CAN NO LONGER IGNORE THESE EVENTS!  

✅ That being said, NOW would be the perfect time to plan ahead for the above-mentioned events, along with any other festive campaigns. Also, bear in mind that most people do research on mobile before buying. Ensure your site is #MobileFriendly.  

⭐️ 90% of people discovered new brands on Youtube. 

⭐️ 48% of shoppers are open to buying from a NEW retailer during Black Friday & of that amount, 30% actually do.  

✅ So, with that in mind, now would be a great time to attract customers who haven’t bought from you before. 

⭐️ You can target very specific audiences on YouTube and your video doesn’t have to be high production. 

✅ Repurpose your assets. You can re-use your static images or radio ads/voice overs etc to make your own video. 

⭐️ Bumper ads (6-second video ads that you cannot skip) are a great way to get more brand reach on YouTube. These are very easy to make using Bumper Machine. 

✅ A great tip for using Carousel Ads: Have your last image be a map of your store location.  

⭐️ COMING SOON! Database targeting for Google Display. Databases are not only used for SMS & Email campaigns, but you can also use it for banner advertising. 

✅ A good idea would be to download a database of people that have bought from you this year and advertise to them with some awesome banners! 

✅ Make a remarketing list for Black Friday. This can be used each time you run a sale. 

⭐️ 96% of Black Friday Sales happen in-store, these buyers spend a lot of time online doing research before going in-store.  

✅ On that point, it’s best to have a special online strategy in place to help influence the shopper’s decision. 

⭐️ When people are buying they are: 

  • Aware of at least 10 brands/products 
  • Consider 3 of those 
  • Buy from 1 

✅ That makes it very important to create brand awareness if you want to even be considered. Don’t have an e-comm store? It’s still vital that you do online marketing. 

✅ NB!!! User Experience Audit. Do this before the festive period kicks in, gives you enough time to fix any glitches or concerns that may cause issues later down the line. Ain’t nobody got time for that! 

And that’s it folks! 

We hope you found it insightful and made a few notes. 😉 

Let us know your thoughts if you have any! 

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