Our Proven Step-By-Step
Process to grow your
eCommerce Store

We have created a very specific journey to help scale your eCommerce Store. Our approach is consistently tweaked as we understand more about users online behaviour & new features are launched online. Here is a basic outline of what you can expect as a client of Metis:

Step 1

Analyse & Audit Current Online Platform & Results

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During phase 1 we gather as much info as possible for you. We need to understand where your business has come from, where it is now, and where you want to go. We achieve this through an info gathering session, as well as an analysis and audit of all your current online platforms and activities. Our document includes: Best Practices, What We Saw and Our Recommendations. You receive a copy of the comprehensive document as well as a 2,5hr session to run through the findings and recommendations.

Step 2

Build a scalable digital eco-system

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The success to a holistic digital marketing approach is ensuring that your platforms are providing us with the right data, as well as the platforms are talking to each other. During Phase 2 we setup all tracking required, and ensure all the platforms are setup and integrated with each other.

Step 3

Generate online revenue through “low hanging fruit”

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All eCommerce websites have “money left on the table”. Before we address the Scaling issue we want to ensure we are capturing the low hanging fruit. During Phase 3 we setup the performance channels that target this specific goal. It includes setting up Email Automation Flows (think: Abandoned Cart) as well as Brand-Specific & Remarketing Paid Media campaigns. If there are quick wins available for Website conversion optimisation we will address it during this phase.

Step 4

Scale your online revenue

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This is the phase a lot of other agencies or businesses start their process. This leads to a lot of wasted spend while things need to be fixed, and good data builds. With data collection already happening, and good audience lists being built in Phase 3 we are able to start Phase 4 on the front foot, reducing the learning period required and resulting in significant reduction in wasted spend. In Phase 4 we build out the rest of the performance channels and start to scale budget spend.

Step 5

Continuous Development

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The online landscape is continuously changing as well as user behaviours. With all the right tools in place we consistently monitor & analyse data to find new opportunities to improve results. Our reporting is fully transparent and in real-time. It is important that we have a close relationship with you and ensure we work together to achieve your Business goals.

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