Defining Moments

Defining Moments... memories… experiences that stand out in our memory. I am busy reading the most incredible book called, “The Power of Moments”, by Chip & Dan Heath. In our lives, we all experience defining moments.

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Defining Moments… memories… experiences that stand out in our memory. 

I am busy reading the most incredible book called, “The Power of Moments”, by Chip & Dan Heath.  

In our lives, we all experience defining moments.  

Some are of ELEVATION. 

Those moments that give you sensory overload.  

Others are moments of INSIGHT. 

Remember that time the penny dropped, and you realised you were incredible at numbers, which then paved the way to your current career?  

Moments can also be disguised as moments of PRIDE or ACHIEVEMENT, or even that moment of CONNECTION.   

Yes, we do believe in love at first site (it is February after all). 

However, a lot of our moments are left to chance.  

What if we started creating our own moments? And in our business started creating moments for our clients, staff & service providers 

If your brain works anything like mine, it needs an example. So here is a small example from the book on how a bank could create memorable moments for their clients: 

Banks spend millions on creating brand awareness around trust and credibility. They spend even more around providing a “better client experience” But what if banks started thinking in MOMENTS.  

If you think about it banks are involved in so many of the DEFINING MOMENTS in our life. – the 13yr old that opens his 1st account. He takes his piggy bank in and hands over R13,64c – imagine the teller congratulating him for saving up, and tells him she will round it up to an even R20!  

Your first house (and with it a mortgage bond) instead of the 1st touch point from your bank being your statement, how about sending you a housewarming gift? 

A new born arriving… what if the bank gave you a 3 month “holiday” on your mortgage repayments with a note saying “we thought you may need to buy a few things around the house”they would still get all their repayments, it would just be pushed back 3 months.  

The cost of the above vs ROI would be incredible for a bank. And for us a better experience (as opposed to us seeing another ad with a sailboat on the ocean “negotiating the high winds”)  

Let’s all challenge ourselves to think imoments & to create them for ourselves, our clients, our staff & the people we surround ourselves with. 


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