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If you are part of the Metis family, then you will know how much we LOVE Google Analytics as the website tracking and analysis it provides are mind-blowing.

But just because Google Analytics is already such powerful tool, it doesn’t mean we are not looking at ways to improve our services and provide you with better feedback when it comes to your PPC Campaigns.

Step forward Hotjar.

This effective software is not there to compete with Google Analytics, but to complement it.

Ever wondered what users do when they land on your website? Are your visitors scrolling to the bottom of the home page? Which links do they click on? Why did they opt not to complete the checkout? Why did they decide not to fill in your lead form?

Well, Hotjar provides the answers to the above questions as it offers features such as Heatmaps, Visitor Recordings, Conversion Funnels, Form Analytics, Feedback Polls, Surveys and Recruit User Testers.

Our personal favourites are Heatmaps, Visitor Recordings and Feedback Polls as they have provided us with excellent feedback.

How do your users behave once they land on your website or landing page? With Heatmaps you can analyse user clicks, taps and scrolls. The incredible thing is you can track it on desktop, mobile and tablet.

It is powerful when it comes to getting insight on the areas of your website that are working or could be improved. If people are not scrolling to the bottom of your home page, then maybe you should consider reducing the length of your web page or make the whole site appear above the fold.

Visitor Recordings
One of the coolest analytical features you can get. If you want to know what your visitors do once they land on your website, then Visitor Recordings should be your go-to tool as you can watch actual recordings of their actions and how they interact with your website.

Just to give you an example, through Visitor Recordings we discovered that the PayPal link on one of our clients’ checkout page wasn’t working as a couple of users got stuck when they reached this point.

Feedback Polls
Something that has worked very well on our side is getting insight from visitors who opted not to buy a product or fill out a form. If a user decides to abandon their cart, a poll will pop up and ask them for feedback.

As you can see, Hotjar is a really good tool when it comes to adding value to campaigns.

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